Information in english

We are a sports club that organizes high-quality exercise in many forms - from babies to adults.

We organize group exercises for adults in Jumppala, Hepokulta and Lauste schools.

There are many different class choices and dots in the schedule help you find a suitable class just for you. The dots are indicative.

• for everyone apart from age or fitness level.

•• for all fitness levels and gives a challenge.

••• for those who want a challenge and have a good basic health.


Our fitness instructors give options to movements in every class.

If you are pregnant or have other restrictions, please tell the instructor before class begins.

LesMills classes have a concept written program that the instructors use. 
Other classes are made by our instructors.

If you want to know more about a certain class, please contact


No need to enroll beforehand, just come to our cashier and write your name on the list. 
We have many payment options:

·       pay once for one class

·       credit card

·       exercise voucher (Smartum, Epassi…)

Or you can choose to buy our cards:

·       5x (XS)

·       10x (L)

·       season (XL) or

·       year cards (XXL)

 For more information, please check our price list. Push here.


Welcome to our classes!